Driveway Permits



The Town of Lenroot requires a permit for the placement of a driveway, field entrance or temporary access to any property adjoining any town road.

Location: When locating a driveway, several considerations must be made as follows:

1. Driveways should not be placed in a blind spot or area where there is limited vision. There should be at least 250 feet of vision from the highway and driveways should not be located near hills or curves, if possible

2. Drainage must be maintained and ordinarily a culvert is required. The Town will inform you what size culvert will be required. Drainage restrictions are not allowed. Maintenance of the culvert is the property owner’s responsibility. Used culverts are not recommended.

3. The Town will not permit “multiple driveways” on the same parcel of property unless there is a compelling reason. Owners should limit access to one point whenever possible.

Siting Procedure: The following steps should be taken when applying for a driveway permit:

1. Inspect the proposed site and choose the best location with respect to sight distance and drainage.

2. Mark the location for the proposed driveway using lathe and flagging or flagging tied to a tree or fence line.

3. Have Diggers Hot Line check the site for underground utilities that may be affected

4. Complete a driveway permit application (attached)

Processing: Upon receipt of your permit request, the Town (or its designee) will inspect the site and determine if a permit can be granted. If there are no problems found at the site, you will receive a permit authorizing you to construct your driveway. If the site does not meet standards, you will be contacted about any problems. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for inspection and response.

There is no charge for a driveway permit.

Installation and Maintenance: The cost of furnishing and installing a culvert along with all costs associated with construction of the driveway are solely the owners. Driveways must be constructed in a workmanship like manner. Driveways that do not meet standards will have to be repaired at the owners cost. If they are not promptly repaired the Town will remove the driveway and bill the owner.

Driveway Permit Download