Town Meeting Schedule

All meetings of the town are open to the public, except for specified Closed Meetings .

Monthly Meetings – second Monday of each month starting at 6:30 pm. Agendas are announced on this website and posted at the Town Hall, the Sawmill Saloon and the Nelson Lake Landing on the Thursday before meetings. Agenda items can be given to the clerk at the town hall.

Annual Meeting – Second Tuesday of April unless noticed otherwise, to be held in the town hall. There is no set agenda and all residents eligible to vote in the township can vote at this meeting. There are statutory limits on which votes can be held.

Budget Workshop – TBA – Generally held in late October to early November. Purpose is to review past years revenues/expenses and develop a projected budget for the coming year.

Public Budget Hearing – TBA – Generally held in Mid-November after the Budget Workshop to review the proposed budget for the coming year.

Special Town Meeting of the Electors – TBA – Held to approve budgets or other matters requiring elector’s approval.

Special Town Board Meetings – TBA – Held to consider issues that may need resolution between normal monthly meetings.

Closed Meetings – TBA – Held to discuss certain topics as defined by statue such as personnel issues. These meetings are not open to the public.