Road Weight Limits

Road Bans – Weight Limits

The Town of Lenroot posts its town roads each spring to vehicles with gross weight of less than 6 tons. Limits last for about a month depending on the weather. This is done because thawing roads can be severely damaged by heavy traffic and repairs can be costly.

A notice such as the following will be announced by the local radio stations and be weight limits will be posted at main highway intersections.

Effective 12:01 p.m. day, month, year, all vehicles operating on the Town of Lenroot Roads will be restricted to 6 Ton Gross Vehicle Weight. The weight restriction is for all Town of Lenroot Roads. School buses and trucks hauling milk, fuel and septic are exempt from the seasonal load limits in the Town of Lenroot but should use discretion. Where possible exempt haulers should haul in the morning when roads are frozen, haul half loads, and stay to the middle of the road where possible. An assessment for repairs of damage may be assessed.

Usually, the town posts roads and removes restrictions at the same time as Sawyer County announces bans for county highways.

If there are emergency situations, the town may allow travel by vehicles heavier than 6 tons. Requests must be made to the Lenroot employees at the town shop or through the Chairman. The exception will be documented and a written copy of the exception may be provided.