Lenroot has 87 miles of town road as listed by the Wisconsin DOT. Each year the town receives transportation aids from the state to maintain and develop roads on the state list. In addition, a significant portion of your annual property tax is also used for this purpose.

Winter road maintenance (plowing and sanding) is a major part of this work. Two town trucks do most of the plowing and sanding with occasional work done with a grader. As a general rule of thumb, plowing is done when a snow event is greater than two inches and is completed within 24 hours of snow ending. Sanding is done as needed to maintain reasonable safety. It is important that vehicles and other obstructions be removed from town roads and turn-a-rounds during the winter months to facilitate snow removal.

We realize that clearing snow may difficult, but it is important to locate piles where they will
not restrict viewing traffic either from the road or the driveway. lf you are on a low use road,
moving some snow across the road may be feasible. However you must be sure there are no
remaining piles or clumps left on the roadway and piles in the ditches are far enough back from
the road to avoid impacting township plowing operations or impeding drainage.

Section 346.91(5) states that no person shall place or cause to be placed upon a highway any
.foreign substance which is or may be injurious to any vehicle- This section applies to plowing or
blowing snow from a driveway onto the highway. Section 346.95(3) sets the penalty at $50 for
each offense. Further, section 86.022 makes it a misdemeanor punishable by fine to place any
obstruction in a road ditch which will impede drainage. As such, people should not be filling
ditches with compacted snow.